Why Your Next Phone Should Be An Iphone

With every advantage the iphone offers, anyone in the family can have fun with this phone. The article below will tell you about the various features that the iphone has to offer.

Save your valuable battery by lowering the brightness of your screen. Go to the settings area on your phone and reduce the illumination level.

Your iphone can help you from one location to a new one. You can bookmark the map on your home screen to make it easy to access on your phone.

You can even take photos with the headphone cord. Begin by focusing the picture you want to capture. When you are ready to snap the shot, press on the cord’s button. This will then take the photograph. You can then save your picture like you normally would.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accents that you would like to use in messages? A pop-up box should pop up that contains a number of extra keys. You will then be able to type as many fancy letters to your heart’s content!

Most iphone users take a lot of their phone’s built-in camera. It can be difficult to scroll through pictures after taking them. The iphone has its own album option in the picture gallery that can be used for ease of access. This saves you a lot of time when you are looking for a specific picture.

If you wish to send your message or draft a note but do not want to utilize corrected words, the suggestion box can be dismissed without touching the “X.” Just tap the screen at any area and the suggestion box will go away.

Have you ever lost out on snapping a great picture because the camera app did not come up quickly? Try this quick and easy and quick shortcut.Tap on the Home button when your screen is locked.A camera icon should be seen close to the bottom on your screen. Tapping this button will enable the iPhone’s camera.

A personalized ringtone is a great way to make your own ringtone. The default ringtones blend in with other Iphone users and you will probably think your iphone is ringing when someone else has the crowd. You could use your favorite song or any sound byte you find enjoyable. That will make your iphone show your personality every time you get people’s attention.

If you happen to drop your phone into a liquid, don’t try to turn it on right away. Dry off the phone first and allow the any internal water to dry overnight. You can permanently short circuit your phone by activating it when wet.

You probably already know your phone can remind you of something that is happening at a certain times. You could set a reminder telling you to stop by a certain store after I leave work.”The iphone can help you remember all sorts of reminders that are made for it.

Don’t go crazy with the apps available. Some applications engage in unscrupulous data mining practices or charge hidden fees.

You can take a picture with your iphone using just one hand on the iphone. The quality is as good as when taken the pictures is just as good as if you were to take them the normal way.

You will likely want to finish working on your task before responding to the notice. You should know that you can easily and swiftly rid of the notification. You just wipe away the pop-up bar when it appears on your screen.

Tap the status bar on the top of the page and it will bring you to where you started. This works on apps and other screens that are long too (such as iTunes lists).

One great suggestion for your iphone is to use of Facebook. Many people enjoy the fun and social aspect of Facebook, but there are some who are unaware of the phone’s ability to use Facebook.

You can customize shortcuts to specific words on your phone that will allow for faster typing. Go to Settings, look under General, Keyboard, and finally Add New Shortcut. You can input abbreviations or acronyms.When typing these shortcuts, the full phrases or words that you designated will be automatically inserted.

You can save some time typing on your iphone. Go to the main part of the settings and make new keyboard shortcuts. You can program short cut keys for phrases that you frequently use. Then you will have no need to type them out in full each and every time.

It is easy to access to the iPod controls and all of your favorites instantaneously. Simply choose Settings, and then choose General, then hit the home button. You can customize your iphone by double tapping and select options to customize. This is easy to do when you know the steps.

You don’t need to flick to go though the scroll method to search contacts in your iphone. Hold down your finger over the list. Slide your finger up and down. This way you have more control over searching your contact list.

Avoid placing your phone in extreme temperature extremes. Do not bring your iphone into a freezer and protect it with a case if it is very cold outside.

After reading this article, you can spread the news about how versatile an iphone is to your needs! With all of this information in mind, nothing can hold you back from telling everyone how great the iphone is.

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